“Sister” by Killer Workout
Video by Ryan Hills and Travis Mouffe

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Here’s a 30-minute segment of our performance at The Sunset on Saturday, February 23 celebrating Ballard VOX’s 2nd Anniversary. We were so hot to start we set the fire alarm off for a minute. Video and projection by blazinspace.

“Never The Place” by Killer Workout (formerly The West)
Directed by Big Time Hype
Featuring Dan Davison as Sparkle Leigh

“It was Disco and it’s Over” by Killer Workout (formerly The West)
Directed by Jordan Albertsen
Cinematography by Chris Koser
Choreography by Gabrielle Schutz

“Clock is Ticking” LIVE
This one’s been around since we were called The West, and it’s a regular favorite in our song lineup. Special Thanks to TBASA for shooting this video.